Welcome to CTAeropics!

I've been taking photos of aircraft since my late teens, starting out with prints, then quickly moving onto slides and of course now using digital means. With over 10000 images collected over the years, I've decided to create this site to share these photos with you.

Below you'll find the most recently added photos to the site, whether they be up to date shots or scans of slides/photos from earlier years.

If you click on the BROWSE button above, you can access the complete collection, with subjects grouped by Continent, then country. For each country you'll find separate albums for Corporate, Military, Light aircraft , Preserved aircraft and Airliners. The airliners are  grouped  by individual airlines (normally if I have 5 shots or more from a particular airline) otherwise you'll find them in the OTHER album. You'll also see folders for Trips, Special schemes and Museums & Collections.

The SEARCH button is pretty self-explanatory, while the KEYWORDS button will bring up a list of keywords you can use to select photos.

Finally, the SPOTTING BLOG button will take you to my spotting blog with reports from around the world. At the moment this isn't updated as regularly as I would like, as priority is given to adding new photos, but new reports will be added when time allows!



Recently Added Photos

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